In 2007, Danielle Stanley came to Bluebonnet looking for her next horse.  She fell for a little, black Arabian mare named Little Bit and took her home. Little Bit thrived in her new home with her herdmate.  We heard from Danielle occasionally and knew Little Bit was loved.

Fast forward to December 2019: Little Bit’s herd mate passed away, and she was distraught and lonely.  Danielle once again scoured the Bluebonnet website, and a Mustang gelding named Rufio jumped out at her.

Rufio had not been handled when he arrived at Bluebonnet, and he could be a lot of horse.  He had been adopted but returned when he kept bucking and bolting with his adopter.  A veterinarian evaluated him and suggested that he was no longer safe for riding:  he had long pasterns that would not hold up to the pressure of hard or frequent riding.  And Rufio wasn’t the type of horse who you could just ride occasionally.

We worried that Rufio might never find an adopter.  Who wants a cocky, Mustang gelding they can’t ride?!

But something about him spoke to Danielle, and she asked to go meet him.  She adopted him the next day.  She says that when he arrived at the farm, Little Bit seemed confused and kept looking for her herdmate who had passed away.  But Danielle said, “time and the endearing personality of Rufio heals all wounds.”

Today, just three months after he arrived, Rufio (who is now called Shiloh) and Little Bit are the best of friends.  She says they are never far apart, and their personalities compliment each other perfectly.  She says when the farrier came out recently, her dad, who takes care of Shiloh and Little Bit, haltered Shiloh to take him to get his hooves trimmed.  Shiloh wasn’t having it, though!  He thought they were taking him away from Little Bit and he threw a fit.  Danielle’s dad let him go and haltered Little Bit instead.  Then Shiloh willingly followed Little Bit right up to the farrier.  He just did not want to leave his girl.

These two are loved – that’s what we want for every horse.  Danielle adds, “They are perfect pets!  There is nothing we wouldn’t do for them.  Thank you for all you do to save these precious animals.  Thank you for saving these two.  Thank you for bringing them into our lives.  We can’t imagine life without either of them.  We are so lucky to have Shiloh and Little Bit!!”

We feel so lucky that Danielle adopted Shiloh and Little Bit, both of these horses are loved and cared for.  Danielle insists she’s the lucky one, “Being lucky once is one thing.  Striking gold twice?  Priceless!!”