BEHS 692 – Zed

Horse Name’s: Zed Status: 2013 Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge
Adoption Fee: Not yet available Arrived At Rescue: March 5, 2013
Location: Lorena, TX Adoption Availability:
Registered: Breed: Grade
Date of Birth: November 30, 1999 Color: Dun
Red Dun
Gender: Gelding

About Zed

Zed was found estray. When his owners were not located, he was placed with BEHS. When Zed arrived, he was not catchable or touchable. It appeared that he had very little handling in his life and whatever handling he had had been traumatic. His foster home worked daily with him, using clicker training, to get him to come around. She taught him to approach, touch her hand and other targets, and let her pet him. She used clicker training to get a rope on him and eventually to halter him. Sadly, one afternoon she walked out and found that he had died during the day in his stall. Because he had not been handlable, he had not been vetted so no one knows if he had an underlying health problem. Zed's foster home says that he was a special horse that she will never forget.

Evaluation and Training

Zed is an adorable horse who is curious, but he’s very scared of people at this time. His foster home is working to tame/gentle him but currently still cannot touch him (he is making improvements. When he arrived he would not eat if anyone was watching him, now he eats out of a bucket that’s held by his foster home). His foster home says that he’s a cute mover and she thinks he has a great deal of potential once tamed!


Trailers: Yes Bucks: Unknown
Leads: No Bites: Unknown
Ties: No Catches: No
Trims: No Bathes: No
Clips: No

Pictures of Zed