As a matter of fundamental principle, the nonprofit and philanthropic community should adhere to the highest ethical standards. The public trust in charitable organizations is the foundation of their legitimacy and reputation. Donors and volunteers support charitable organizations because they trust them to carry out their missions, to be good stewards of their resources, and to uphold rigorous standards of conduct. Organizations are built upon people- volunteers, staff, board members, and executive leadership. Each person must continually demonstrate their ongoing commitment to the core values of the organization. Commitment to ethical and professional conduct is expected of everyone.

Professional responsibilities

Professional responsibilities permeate every level of an organization.


  1. BEHS will provide comprehensive and timely information to the public, the media and all members.
  2. BEHS will be responsive in a timely manner to reasonable requests for information.
  3. Information about BEHS will be fully and honestly reflected in its policies and practices.
  4. All financial information will be posted to the website or made otherwise publicly available and shall be free in all material respects from misstatements.
  5. All solicitation materials will accurately represent BEHS policies and practices.


  1. The Board of Directors shall ensure that the executive officers have the requisite skills and experience to carry out their duties.
  2. The Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society Board of Directors (BOD) and the Executive Committee shall maintain openness, honesty, and transparency in all its actions and shall communicate those actions to the membership.


  1. All staff, board members and volunteers of BEHS shall act with honest, integrity, and openness in their dealings as representatives of the organization.
  2. All members work to support the mission and purpose of BEHS.
  3. All members will promote a working environment that values respect, fairness and integrity.
  4. All members participating in investigations shall know and respect existing laws in their areas pertaining to animal cruelty, trespassing and evidence collection.
  5. All members will treat everyone they deal with; including other members, board members, staff, horse owners, law enforcement, and equine professionals; respectfully and courteously.
  6. Confidentiality shall be maintained at all times by all members. Information obtained through any BEHS forum shall not be posted or discussed in any forum not expressly approved by the BEHS BOD.

Care of Equines

All members shall adhere to BEHS Minimum Standards of Care for their personally owned equines and equines placed in their care by BEHS.

Additionally, all members agree to use donated hay, grain, supplements, medications, and supplies exclusively for BEHS-owned equines.

Compliance with the code

Adherence to this code of ethics is largely a voluntary matter. The reputation of BEHS depends upon the conduct of its members. Members should not only comply with the code themselves, they should encourage and support adherence by other members. However, if a member does not follow this code by engaging in gross misconduct, he or she will be subject to action taken in accordance with the BEHS discipline policy.

Revision of the Code

This code of ethics will be reviewed periodically and revised as the BOD sees a need.