1 January 2009

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Dr. Jennifer Williams, President Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society
Email: jenn@bluebonnetequine.org
Phone: (888) 542 5163
Website: www.bluebonnetequine.org
Address:  PO Box 623, College Station, TX 77841


Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society (BEHS) is a non-profit, horse rescue organization that works in Texas and Arkansas with law enforcement officers to investigate reports of neglect of horses, donkeys and mules.  Since the organization’s inception in March 2005, the rescue has taken in over 300 horses, donkeys and mules, placing over 175 horses with adopters. Many of these animals came from horrific conditions:  emaciated, abused or abandoned.

Pumpkin was one such horse.  When he came to the rescue, the veterinarian who treated him described him as a walking skeleton.  His bones protruded beneath his skin.  Without the rescue’s intervention, he would not have lived long.  Today, Pumpkin is happy, healthy and loved.  His adopter takes him on trail rides and cannot imagine her life without him.

Unfortunately, there are many more horses just like Pumpkin.  These horses need immediate help or they face death from starvation or abuse.  Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society may be the horses’ only hope, but the rescue is facing a critical shortage of resources.  Bluebonnet needs the help of horse enthusiasts and animal lovers across the states of Texas and Arkansas.  Without their help, Bluebonnet will not be able to help starving and abused horses.

So how can people help?

  • Foster: Horse enthusiasts who have space for even one more horse can make an amazing difference.  Foster homes are the heart of the organization – they rehabilitate the horses and give them a second chance at life.  BEHS also runs a mentoring program that pairs up new foster homes with those who are experienced at rehabilitating horses.  The experienced foster homes guide and instruct new foster homes so that they can learn how to help the horses who need them!
  • Adopt:  Bluebonnet currently has over fifty horses looking for permanent, loving homes.  The rescue invites horse enthusiasts who are considering adding another horse to their family to look at the rescue’s horses.  BEHS has many who are broke to ride and others who are at a perfect age to start training.  There are talented horses who can become your next ranch horse, trail horse, or even show horse.  And if all you want is a pet/companion, the rescue has those, too.
  • Join: Members support the work of BEHS.  Membership fee help BEHS run the rescue and pay the vet bills for these horses as well as the cost of performing seizures and investigations.
  • Volunteer:  BEHS needs people who can help investigate neglect (the rescue provides training), help check out potential foster/adoptive homes, check up on the organization’s horses, work at fundraisers, find donations and more.  The rescue welcomes anyone who loves horses and wants to help, regardless of horse experience.
  • Donate: BEHS needs hay, grain, de-wormers, halters, leads, etc. for the horses.  The organization also needs money to help pay vet bills and the costs of investigating neglect.  Anyone who has used or new tack that they don’t need can donate it to the organization.  The rescue will use it or sell it to raise additional money.  All donations are tax-deductible since BEHS is a 501c3!

BEHS President Jennifer Williams says, “Please help us help the needy horses, donkeys and mules throughout Texas and Arkansas.  They deserve a chance at a happy, healthy life with people who love them.”

For more information about BEHS, please visit www.bluebonnetequine.org or call the organization at 888 542 5163.  You can also email the rescue at jenn@bluebonnetequine.org.

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