Download printable Adoption Checklist here.

* BEHS reserves the right to complete a background check to verify information and check for criminal convictions.

Are you Qualified?

  1. Are you under the age of 18?
  2. Have you previously been investigated and/or charged with animal abuse or neglect?

If you answered yes to either of the above questions, please contact the adoption coordinator to discuss your situation. If you answered no, go to the next step.

You’re Qualified, Great!

Have you completed and submitted the following?

Membership Fee

Adoption Application

Your Self-inspection Photos

Yes, Good, Time for a Visit!

After Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society receives your documents, your self-inspection photos, and your membership fee and verified your references and qualifications we will be contacting you.  If our Adoption Coordinator has questions or concerns, she’ll discuss them. If she doesn’t have any questions or concerns, she’ll let you know you are approved to adopt.

You’re almost there!

Okay, you’ve been approved to adopt and you think you’ve decided which one you want. Well, you’re almost ready for your horse. Now it’s time to meet your new family member to be. If you will be driving or riding the horse, and the horse is at a level in training to do so, you must do so at the foster home before you can take it home. You need to bring anyone else who will be riding the horse on a regular basis to test ride also. Once you’ve been notified that you’ve been approved you now have two (2) weeks to contact the foster home and schedule a visit with the foster equine.

Last but not least!

Okay, you’ve been approved, you’ve met your new family member to be and now you’re ready. It’s exciting but you’ve got one last step to go, and this is it.

  • Sign the adoption contract and return it.
  • Pay the adoption fee and include it with the contract.
  • BEHS Has Received the Contract and Adoption Fee

Congratulations, you have your new horse!

It’s time to load him/her up and take them home!

You will still be contacted by BEHS. For the first two years of the adoption date on the contract, the equine will legally remain owned by BEHS. During this time you will be visited a few times by an inspector. After those years and inspections are completed, ownership will transfer to you. However, the adoption contract is still in place: you may not sell, give away, send to slaughter, lease out, or breed your equine. If you cannot keep him/her, you must return him/her to BEHS or rehome him through BEHS’ rehoming procedures (for the remainder of his life).

Note:  During the first 30 days, if you return your equine to BEHS you will receive a refund of your adoption fee. During the remainder of the first year, you may return the equine to BEHS for a partial refund. You will be responsible for trailering the equine to his/her new foster home. If you are unable or unwilling to provide transportation, the cost of transportation will be deducted from your refund.

If you are unable to unwilling to keep the equine for its entire lifespan, you MUST return it to BEHS or rehome the equine through BEHS’ approved rehoming process.

For complete details on the adoption process, inspection qualifications, fees, etc., please refer to our bylaws and policies.